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Illinois Professional Lawn Care Association
is a member-driven organization that deals with
issues and concerns that are important to
 Illinois Lawn Care Professionals.

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Education Update
Turf Education Day - TED 
Chicago Botanic Garden

September 11, 2015
1000 Lake - Cook Rd
Glencoe, Illinois
IPLCA and ILCA (Illinois Landscape Contractors Association) have joined together with the Chicago Botanic Garden to present a day of turf education!

Keynote #1:  Zac Reicher, formerly University of Nebraska, now Bayer

Keynote #2:  Dr. Jim Kerns,  Assistant Professor and Extension Specialist in Turfgrass and Plant Pathology from North Carolina State University.
"Weapons of Grass Destruction: Diseases of Cool-Season Landscape Turf"

Keynote #3 David S. Cantwell, Chicago Botanic Garden,  
"The Edens Berm/Wall Garden; NOT your Grandma's Petunias!"

To register or see more of the program:

Turf Education Day - TED
Chicago Botanic Garden

July 9, 2015 - Cancelled
1000 Lake - Cook Rd
Glencoe, Illinois

IPLCA and MELA (Midwest Ecological Landscape Alliance)  have joined together with the Chicago Botanic Garden to present a day of turf education!

Please go to Turf Education Day - July 9 for more information in regard to cancellation

Legislative Update

 The IPLCA Legislative Committee made a visit to Springfield earlier this year to discuss 3 bills that could affect Illinois Lawn Care Operators.  Thanks to them, 3 bills have been negotiated on LCO's behalf to accommodate all parties involved.

Senate Bill 1626
, sponsored by Senator Don Harmon, would have required lawn care operators to place a sign every five feet along the perimeter of any property being treated.  The Lawn Care Operator would have to return the following day and remove the signs.  Furthermore, calls would have to be made prior to treatment to all property owners with lots that abutted the treated property.  With the support of the IPLCA and other industry representatives, a compromise was reached.  The bill was amended to state that the LCO would need to place one rigid sign in the front yard and one in the backyard along the back edge of the property, only.  The notification requirements would not change from current notification requirements

House Bill 3427, sponsored by Rep. Sam Yingling, banned the application of any pesticides on the grounds of any Illinois K-12 school.  Industry representatives met with  Yingling and reached an agreement that the current regulation of pesticide applications was adequate to protect students and anyone entering school grounds.

House Bill 3815, sponsored by Rep. David Reis requires prepayment of licensing fees for all 3 years of a lawn care operator or applicator pesticide license. It was amended so the fee would be paid for three years and would be transferable between employees being hired and fired.


IPLCA is currently accepting membership applications for 2015!
Please join other turf enthusiasts in helping to create "one voice" in the turf industry. 

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Day Of Service

The IPLCA has scheduled the Fisher House at Hines Hospital, Hines Il. to again be the recipients of the 2015 Day of Service Project!  We have scheduled 5 dates throughout 2015 to weed, feed and TLC the grounds of the Fisher House. April 18, May 30, July 18, September 19, and November 7.

We are currently looking for volunteers for each of the scheduled dates:  Supplies, equipment and labor!  8am to 12 noon.
Please contact Harold Enger

In 2014, TruGreen lawn professional Tim Pizza was pleased to be able to be one of the volunteers supplying lawn care to Fisher House at Hines Hospital. Family members or caregivers of patients at Hines Veterans Hospitals are able to stay at Fisher House free of charge. Tim’s son, a Navy veteran, was at Hines for cancer treatment several years ago. "The way they treated him was amazing. The VA did so much for Tim. He recently celebrated his fourth year of being cancer free.

Helping provide lawn care at Fisher House is my way of showing appreciation for the care they gave my son."

IPLCA offers service opportunities at Fisher House and at the Danville National Cemetery. Consider joining in one of these efforts in future months.



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